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awesome daria videos

hey guys...check out this AWESOME iPod commercial made daria style

Also this very realistic daria episode made by a fan that i found on youtube

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those are pretty cool.
The Ipod ad, classic, loved it. Thanks for sharing :)
the second one? not bad, but well, I never saw any indications in the show that either Daria or Jane were heartily into animal abuse to the extent where they'd encourage that sort of behaviour.

m saying so here instead of in reply to the guy's post over at SFMB because I know that here I won't get myself verbally abused by the usual people. New people are more interesting.

Anyway yeah, much as the artistic quality of that second one is up there, the people who made it are lucky I didn't report them to the RSPCA.
wow, good of you to bring that topic up.... yeah, you COULD tell the difference between that video and the rest b/c daria or jane would never encourage anything that cruel. nevertheless, the video is well done, if only the content would be different eh?
pretty much, yup.